FORKS is an all volunteer organization run by its Board of Directors. The current board is listed below. Elections are held in June.n If you are interested in serving on the board you can contact the President, Justin Newstrum at

Justin Newstrum, President

Justin has been working in the kitchens of Seattle for over two decades. He built a career working and helping run locally-focused kitchens like The Pink Door, Dandelion, and Crave until becoming Executive Chef for Portage Bay Cafe. The last few years have had him freelancing and consulting for other businesses while perfecting his donut recipes. Justin has been the president of FORKS since its rebirth in 2016.

Gregory Heller, Treasurer

Gregory is a passionate advocate for local food and frequent diner out when he is not cooking up a storm at home. He has tested recipes for local authors Becky Selengut and Amy Pennington, and worked on the Lark Cookbook project team.

Gregory is a Senior Associate Director of MBA Career Management at the Foster School of Business at UW. He holds a BA and MPA in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from New York University. 

Gregory is passionate about food, ethical and local sourcing, cooking and educating others about good food. You can follow his tweets about these topics at @HungrySeattle.

Andrea Olsen, Board Member, Secretary

Selling cheese at one of the West Coasts best shops while attending UW set Andrea on a career path that has never ventured far from the magic she experienced when tasting and sharing the delicious products carried at the shop.  Andrea has enjoyed leadership roles in local businesses including Grand Central Bakery, SBC Coffee, CIBO, Le Panier, Place Pigalle, Alaska Airlines and Bamco. Currently Andrea works with clients in a coaching/consulting capacity and is a staff member at Recovery Cafe.  You’ll find her enthusiastically berry picking, preserving, pickling, baking, and digging clams; as the season dictates.

Ellen Scheffer, Board Member

Ellen is currently a farmer and co-owner of City Grown Seattle, an urban farm selling hyper-local veggies to restaurants and farm stand customers in Wallingford and Crown Hill. During college at Willamette University, Ellen discovered a passion for sustainable farming and has been working on farms ever since. Ellen is a frequent farmers market attendee and can sometimes be found behind the vendor booths of Samish Bay Cheese, One Leaf Farm, and Gaia’s Harmony. When she’s not busy growing vegetables, Ellen enjoys cooking, fermenting, brewing, hiking, and skiing.


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