Casting a Wider Net: The 12th Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection

Monday, March 26th, 2018 at Bastyr University in Kenmore

The Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection (F2C2) brings regional food & beverage Producers (farmers, fishers, ranchers, food & beverage artisans, etc.) and Buyers (chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, institutional buyers, instructors, students, etc.) together for the industry’s biggest event in Washington. We will learn from each other, work together to continue to develop our region’s local food economy, network and enjoy the best lunch of the year.

About: F2C2 has gained a faithful following of return attendees while annually drawing in new food producers and chefs for a delicious and social day of doing business while learning from each other. Tracking surveys have consistently shown that the event generates at least $1 million in new sales in our local food economy each year. F2C2 showcases and connects the producers and buyers who care about local, sustainable and delicious.

Where: Bastyr University, just outside of Seattle in Kenmore, will host F2C2 again in 2018. In addition to having a beautiful campus and a closely aligned mission, Bastyr University will offer a much easier commute for many attendees and has ample, free parking on site with no height restrictions!

Registration is open, register today and please help us spread the word by “joining” the event on Facebook and sharing with friends and colleagues.

Directions To Bastyr
Bastyr University Campus is located at 14500 Juanita Drive NE Kenmore, WA 98028. You can find directions on the Bastyr website
Onsite Accommodations
Fifth Floor Accommodations Available at Bastyr University for F2C2 Guests Bastyr University is holding a block of rooms for F2C2 guests who wish to reserve a room on campus for the night before or after F2C2. The Fifth Floor Accommodations are simple, cozy and clean making for a good night of rest. Learn more about onsite accommodations.
Offsite Accommodations
McMenamin’s Anderson School, located just a few miles from Bastyr, in Bothell, is also offering a discounted rate in the hotel to any attendees who may be looking for a place to stay on Sunday the 20th or Monday the 21st.  Anyone who would like to take advantage of this $99 rate should simply mention they are with Farmer-Fisher-Chef Connection.  The front desk can be reached at 425.398.0122.

Registration opens at 8AM

We’ll get you fueled up with a light breakfast and plenty of coffee.

Review the day’s agenda below. Please note, this program is subject to change.

Keynote Speaker – TBA

Before heading to the breakout sessions, we will provide instructions about the afternoon Birds of a Feather sessions. This is a new addition to the conference this year in direct response to feedback we received from attendees last year. While some people are submitting BoF topics before the event, everyone will have an opportunity to submit a topic (by writing it on a piece of paper that will be displayed in hall) and everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to “vote” on the topic they would like to attend. We will then select a number of these BoF topics for afternoon sessions.

Morning Breakout Sessions

Sessions run concurrently

Thinking outside the bread box

While humans have been making bread for over 30,000 years, we are experiencing an explosion of creativity in baking and a return to traditional (but not ancient) techniques. This panel will feature experts in the industry discussing upcoming trends, how gluten free baking has reinvented the loaf, and the pros and cons for restaurants of baking bread in house. Learn how these three bakers are pushing the craft and differentiating themselves and their products in this competitive segment of our culinary landscape.

  • Toby Matasar of Niche and Crumble & Flake
  • Ada Chen of Portage Bay
  • Laura Ohm of Grand Central

Food Preservation in Today’s Restaurant Kitchens

More and more restaurants are now preserving foods in their own kitchens. Methods such as canning, smoking, pickling, and fermenting are becoming more commonplace within the culinary community.

Members of our preservation panel at this years F2C2:

  • Kim O’Donnel is our panel moderator. Kim is a chef, teacher, journalist, and Chef in Residence at the West Seattle YMCA. Her latest book, ‘PNW Veg’, is her third vegetarian book in seven years, and she is also on the Journalism Committee of the James Beard Foundation. Kim is also the founder of the ‘Canning Across America’ movement.
  • Julie O’Brien is owner of Seattle based Firefly Kitchens, producing wonderful fermented products, including krauts, kimchi, carrots, and a new product line of salts. Julie, along with Firefly co-founder Richard Climenhage, have published a fermentation cookbook, ‘Fresh and Fermented’.
  • Chefs Zoi Antonitsas and Bryan Jarr are partners in Little Fish, and have taken the canning, pickling, and smoking of seafood to new culinary heights. Their soon-to-open location in the new Pike Place Market expansion zone is one of the most anticipated openings for 2018!

Myths and Misunderstandings – Mental Health Issues, Substance Abuse and Addiction In Our Industry.  From Problems Into Solutions

We can be startled by the statistics.  For instance, a recent study showed that In Washington state, 10.7% of all adults are in need of substance abuse treatment.  A CDC study revealed alarming rates of mental distress and, sadly, even suicide among those working in agriculture – farmers, farm workers, ranchers and fishers.  One in seven Americans are taking antidepressants, sedatives or anti-anxiety medications.   

During this breakout session we will explore some of the challenges faced by those in our industry who are impacted by what these statistics tell us – in short, all of us.   

Owners of businesses in the food service industry, whether it be a restaurant, brewery, bakery or catering operation; as well as for those who supply our food; have often had to shift their practices, policies and most importantly their perceptions when it comes to dealing with the issues that arise when addiction or mental health issues come close to home.  

Our panelists each have a story to share.  Familiar with the difficult conversations that come about when discussing these seemingly complex problems, we hope to shed light on how prevalent these challenges are.  As members of the industry holding leadership positions as well as being a part of a community, there is much we can learn about the nature of the problem as well as the resources available to help.  

  • Ron Muzzall – 3 Sisters Family Farms
  • Andra Gaines Mulkern – “Female Farmer Project,”  Filmmaker.  
  • Erin Galvin – Pagliacci

Business Networking

If you’ve attended F2C2 in the past, you know that the business networking is a valuable part of the day. Buyers and producers can meet and discuss what they are interested in and what is available. Over the years we have made some minor adjustments to this part of the day, and this year we are making a major adjustment. Rather than having the buyers float between tables of producers, the producers will float between tables of buyers. Again, this feedback comes directly from last year’s attendees.  Bring your business cards, bring your menus, bring you fresh sheets!

Best Lunch of the Year

Menu TBA

If you would like to contribute produce, protein or a product to the lunch menu, please contact Zach Lyons.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

While we have made great efforts to select topics and identify speakers for the day’s programming by talking with past attendees and people in our community, we know that often times people show up with hot topics, burning questions, and the strong desire to connect and share with smaller groups of their peers. These concurrent sessions will afford an opportunity for attendees to connect and discuss the most important topics to you right now. Sessions may be proposed before the event, or on-site the day of. “Voting” will take place before lunch, and sessions will be announced at the end of lunch.

Contribute your idea

If you would like to submit a BoF session, we ask that you give it a descriptive title, a 3 line description, and target audience (who do you want to be around the table?) We will print these sessions descriptions out, and check with you during registration to make sure you are still interested convening the discussion.

Ignite-style Presentations

This popular session features short, five-minute presentations from a variety of speakers. the Ignite-style of presentation dictates that there are just 20 slides, and each slide automatically advances every 15 seconds. You can see Ignite-style talks from previous F2C2 events on YouTube

  • Riley Starks, Lumi Island Wild, Salmon Farming in Puget Sound and the Salish Sea
  • Stephen Schreck, Puget Sound Restoration Fund , Kelp farming
  • Crystie Kisler, Finnriver Farm, B-coming a force for good! Good for who?
  • Jordan Rabinowe, Proletariat Wines, Wine in a Keg

and more TBA!

We end the day with a delicious tasting reception from 4:30 to 6PM. Plan to stay, and we’ll send you home fat and happy!

Tasting purveyors TBA

If you would like to be featured during the tasting event, please contact Zach Lyons

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