JOm White's Big BagelsIf you’ve been to F2C2 in the last few years you’ve probably had the chance to enjoy Jim White’s bagels, and it is enough for us to say that Jim will be baking and bringing his fresh bagels again this year to F2C2 (Plain, Salt, Sesame, Poppy, Onion, and Everything bagels.) If you’ve never had the opportunity to have one of these bagels, you might be of the opinion that no bagels in Seattle (or west of the Hudson River) are worth eating. Jim’s bagels have been called, “The Best Bagels West of the Hudson River” by New Yorkers who now call Seattle their home, New Yorkers who long for the chewy, boiled and baked bagels of their formative years. These are bagels worth taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island to buy when Jim organizes his periodic Big Bagel bakes.

You’ll be able to put a schmear on one of these bagels and pile it high with other breakfast accompaniments (or as a New Yorker would say, appetizing).

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