Our marine ecosystems face increasing pressures and changes, especially when it comes to our wild fisheries.  In the Making Every Fish Matter session we’ll hear from leaders in the fishing and food service industries about some of the newest technology and innovations they are using to adapt – including a sensor that allows you to measure fish quality and length of shelf life – assuring that you get a great product and fishermen make a viable living. The results are reduced food and financial waste, decreased pressure on wild fish stocks, and ultimately more resilient coastal communities and a more sustainable food system from water to plate.

Elizabeth Herendeen of SalmonState (salmonstate.org) will lead folks from Alaskan’s Own Community Supported Fisheries (alaskansown.com), Seafood Analytics (seafoodanalytics.com), and sustainable seafood expert, Casson Trenor, founder of Tataki Sushi Bar (TatakiSushiBar.com) in this discussion. (Photos by MarcusDonner.com).

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