We know we will hear a variety of perspectives and experiences during the F2C2 breakout
session “Myths and Misunderstandings – Mental Health Issues, Substance Abuse and Addiction in our Industry.” Panelist, Audra Mulkern, stated “The food movement has left out the
producer…why are we talking about food without production?” Audra believes strongly that while it’s popular to talk about the “future of food,” and the many exciting innovations we are seeing in our industry, we don’t give nearly enough attention to farms and farmers.

Agriculture is just one segment of our industry that is experiencing high rates of mental distress and substance abuse. During this breakout we will hear not only from those working closely with the farming community, but from leaders in food service including Erin Galvin of Macrina Bakery/Pagliacci, as well as from non-profits who seek to support those in our industry who are recovering from addiction, trauma and/or mental illness.

Check out the entire agenda, and register for F2C2 2018, March 26th at Bastyr University.

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